Help with managing your emotions

You are likely to experience negative thoughts and feelings even in the most amicable divorces or separations. With the help and support of a divorce coach, you learn how to navigate the process. I offer you practical and emotional support, offering strategies and techniques to help manage stress, anxiety and how to maintain well-being.


In addition, I give you information as to how you can manage and minimise the terrifying legal costs which are keeping many couples trapped in marriages they desperately want to end. Emotions are entwined into all the decisions that divorce brings. A divorce coach acts as a personal mentor throughout the process, helping to separate the emotional issues from the legal ones.




What can you do if your Ex doesn’t want to mediate? 

You may be well informed on the different ways of dealing with your separation or divorce, and the benefits of mediation are very clear to you but if the suggestion of mediation results in a resounding NO from your ex, what can you do? 


Your ex may be extremely suspicious of any suggestions you make about having found a great mediator, if they were not aware that mediation was even being considered.  


Communication between you may be really difficult. If you are both able to recognise this, then agreeing to have a conversation in a safe and confidential environment in the company of a professional person can only be beneficial to you both. The mediator is there to help you consider all the options. 




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