Get Your Life Back on Track

Fast Track Your Dreams and Fill Your Life with the Abundance,

Purpose and Joy You Deserve 

In this Program, I will help you to:

  • Separate your emotions from the decisions that need to be made to help you move forward.  
  • Rebuild your confidence so you are no longer fearful about your future and have the confidence to make the right decisions for your future.  
  • Get a clear idea of what you're going to do when the divorce is final 
  • Understand your emotions and why you might want to use your divorce to get revenge 
  • Understand the legal process and hold your hand through it 
  • Figure out a parenting plan that's going to work 
  • Consider how you will co-parent 
  • Understand the benefits of maintaining good communication channels with your ex-partner 

“The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.”


I will also help you to:

  • Explain how you can replace fear, self-doubt and limiting beliefs with courage, confidence and clarity, to PROPEL yourself towards your dreams… in ALL areas of life. 

  • Help you get crystal clear on your dreams in the 4 key areas of your life; your health and wellbeing,  your relationships,  your career and  your time and money freedom.  

  • Over a period of eight weeks, I will teach and show you how you have the capacity to build your dream life so you don’t need to rely on your circumstances and conditions to determine what you can accomplish. 


Week 1

My passion is to empower women like you to understand the divorce process so that you feel calm and in control, knowing that you can move through this and get your Life Back On Track. 


Whether you are already in the divorce process, just thinking about it, or already divorced, my job is to help you get clear on what you want your future life to be.   


This week we will discuss what choices you have, the legal options available to you, how to get the best support to manage the legal process of getting a divorce, and the tools to support yourself emotionally, so that you can move forward with your life. 

  • Take control, understand the divorce process and learn about the best ways to use solicitors, mediation and other divorce professionals to help you save time and money? 
  • Considering your children’s needs 
  • Learn how to communicate your wants and needs 
  • Understanding and figuring out your divorce finances 
  • Considering 

I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.

STEPHEN COVEY – 1932-2012, Educator and Author 

Week 2

I will help you realise that you have an infinite capacity to reveal to yourself what it is you really want to be, do, create, or give – without limitations.


I will help you get crystal clear on your dreams in the 4 key areas of your life; namely:  your health and wellbeing,  your relationships,  your career and  your time and money freedom.  


You can change your perception of anything, and it is essential that you change your self-perception or self-image in order to achieve your dream. You can never outperform your self-image, but you can always change and improve your image of yourself.  


Your limiting beliefs cause you to stop dreaming and accept your past and present as all there is to life. By awakening your “personal value and truth” and shifting your sense of self, you will move ahead in the process of building your dream. 

You will understand the underlying principle of how to get your Life Back on Track. 

You will be introduced to the basics of Dream Building. You will learn that you have the capacity to realise your dream, but it will take some work because most people have been trained to look to conditions to determine what they can accomplish.


Having the self -confidence that you are in control of your life and the direction you want to take is all part of the process of working through the emotions of dealing with separation and divorce.


I help you shift your perception of yourself, so that you are ready to change your life for the better. It is about increasing your sense of deserving for your dream. The way you perceive yourself and your life plays a huge role in determining the amount of access you have to your true potential.  

Week 3

This week you will learn how to take your attention off your fear and fix your attention on your dream to succeed in building the life that you’d love to live.  


You will learn strategies and skills for overcoming fear. Fear is simply the border of the reality you have known and your dream is a life that lives beyond that border.  


You will come up against fear on the path to achieving your dream. Because the truth is that we all have fears, worries, and doubts in our life. In fact, it is impossible to not have some fear in life, because fear is the indication that we are on the border of the reality we currently know. It is the edge of our comfort zone, and only by befriending our fears can we create the life we would love to live.  


Fear is also like a weed that, if allowed to grow, can choke out the life of a growing plant. The growing plant is our growing dream, but like a weed system, fear never fully goes away.  


What is your intention is, what you give your attention to. Learning to manage the energy that you give to fear, allows you to redirect that same energy towards creating your dreams. 


“Some people say that I have an attitude – maybe I do. But I think you have to. You have to believe in yourself when no one else does – that makes you a winner right there”

VENUS WILLIAMS - 5 times Wimbledon Champion

Week 4

We live in an abundant universe and when you are generous, you align with the one source of the Universe through your way of being. The act of giving opens you up to the circulation of life’s energy. Giving is important, but the other side of that is learning how to receive. This week you will learn the power of giving and the power of receiving, which will bring you closer to your dream. 


Most people believe that if they are not experiencing a life that they would love to live, that is how their life is meant to be. This is not true.  This week you will learn how the action of Giving initiates the Law of Receiving. It is about allowing yourself to be open to the flow and experience of ideas, resources, circumstances and people that will help you on your path to your dream.  


This is known as the Law of Circulation. Through selfless giving, you connect with the flow of universal giving  and you will receive abundance.  Abundance is ever present and available to everyone, so the only problem is a lack of awareness of how to access this infinite source of abundance. 

Week 5

This week we explore how you become the architect of your own future by becoming aware of how your thoughts impact your success in life. We will uncover the secrets of the Law of Vibration which will give you the tools and strategies to help you Get Your Life Back On Track. 


The thoughts you allow into your mind will affect the feelings you have, your behaviour and ultimately the results you get.  


Thoughts become things, so think good ones! 


Everything is created twice. First in our thoughts and then those thoughts turn into form. Think of the chair you are sat on; it was first thought of and designed in the mind before it became the solid form you can sit on.  

“Thinking” is when your mind creates thoughts about the situation you are in. “Awareness” is when your attention is focused on the situation simply observing with your senses. You are aware through what you see, hear, feel, smell, taste. Thinking separates us from the immediacy of the situation. 

By noticing what you are noticing, you can begin to identify whether your thoughts are expansive and helping or constrictive and hindering you. If they are hindering you, you will learn how to consciously change those thoughts into more helpful ones.  


Who am I...?

The Post-Divorce Specialist

Professional Mediator and Confidence Creator

As a lawyer mediator, published author, certified coach and trainer, I have an abundance of skills to help post-divorce women get their life back on track, rediscover their purpose and zest for life, build their dreams, so they can live a passionate and fulfilling life they truly love. 

Week 6

This week we will look at the importance of making a committed decision to act on your vision and dream for getting Your Life Back on Track. 


Aligning your decision to the vision you have for your life. Understanding the patterns of behaviour which can derail you from your decision and shatter your dream. 


Understanding the value of affirmations, rituals and routines to make the best use of your time, as you juggle the responsibilities of being a single and working parent.  


Week 7

Your attitude will define you as an individual. People are often described as having a ‘good’ or a ‘bad’ attitude. Being willing to perfect yourself is linked to your attitude. Maintaining the right attitude to achieve your dream is key to Getting Your Life Back on Track. 


According to Winston Churchill, Attitude is a small thing that makes a big difference.  


One of the best things that bring a big change in a person’s attitude is positive thinking. If you are willing to make yourself good in front of other people, then that attitude will be one of your determining factors.  


Attitude comprises basically of mindset, viewpoint, beliefs, etc. These basic elements add to the person you are. Your skill in facing the challenges of life and moving through them is often shaped by the attitude you hold. 


Your attitude can make you look like and be a winner.  According to most people, the energetic and positive mindset combination is said to be one of the best attitudes for all people out there. 


“The struggle ends when the gratitude begins.”

NEALE DONALD WALSH - Best-Selling Author and International Speaker  

Week 8

The Power of Gratitude: Amplifying Abundance in all Areas of your life.


Understanding how to harness this power and this practice will change your life in profound ways. 


When we live into the Power of Gratitude, we see how being thankful in ALL things generates a flow of abundance that we haven’t experienced from our current level of awareness.  


Life is not happening to you, life is happening through you and as you. All of the situations and conditions that show up in your life are necessary for your growth as a spiritual being in this human experience. 


When challenges and obstacles arise, you have an opportunity to get in touch with your higher Self. Having the confidence to think from this higher awareness when the physical evidence around you seduces you into believing that you can’t do what’s in your own best interest is empowering. 


Being in a state of gratitude can help you maintain your emotional balance in the presence of difficult situation, as you remain in harmony with the thoughts that are for your highest good when the physical evidence, circumstances and conditions around you are seeking to bring you back to the past. 


Having an attitude of Gratitude helps your body move into a vibration that is one of abundance. When you feel grateful your vibrational energy is elevated and you feel much better about yourself. 


Following all the tools and strategies you have learned over the last 8 weeks culminating with the attitude of gratitude will help you change and maintain a  higher vibration, one which is in alignment with your dream of what your life now looks like, now that you have got Your Life Back On Track.