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Professional Mediator and Confidence Creator

As a lawyer mediator, published author, certified coach and trainer, I have an abundance of skills to help post-divorce women get their life back on track, rediscover their purpose and zest for life, and build their dreams, so they can live a passionate and fulfilling life they truly love. 

"I wish my solicitor had referred me to you when I got divorced 12 years ago"
- Sarah Clemson

About Me.

I get up each morning to help people lead a better life and live a brighter future free from debilitating disputes.  

I am certain that when I do that, I am helping to create a better world for all of us.  


I believe we are all capable of far more than we realize. I believe we really can live a life that we love living.  

I help you get a clear mental image of what you want your future to be like, because I know it can offer you an opportunity to grow and enrich your life so that you can live a life that you truly love living. 


I will help you to move from that place of overwhelm to a place where you can work out what you want your life to look like, evaluate the choices ahead, and feel empowered to make decisions.  I will help you redefine yourself and your life vision, so that you can consciously take back power in your life, and create the new, vibrant future that you deserve.   


My journey from family solicitor to post-divorce specialist has been an exciting adventure over the last two decades. I firmly believe that discovering and harnessing your own personal natural talent enables you to spend your time doing things you love which then does not feel like work! 


My mission is to “inspire you to find the best within yourself in order to give the best of yourself”. 

It is about empowering you to discover your own natural resources, reach your full potential and support others to do the same.  

My Step-By-Step Approach

To design your future and create the life you love living


Find Your Vision


Change Your Mindset


Design Your Life

What My Clients Say:

I would recommend Bernadette’s approach to coaching as a readily accessible way of gaining clarity about how you can improve your own life by building a future of the life you want to live and working on yourself to achieve it. 

Denise Bailey  

Bernadette has expertly guided me on my journey to build the life of my dreams and be the best version of me. Thank you for your exquisite coaching skills, wisdom, compassion, humour and empathy – I have learned so much and loved every minute. 

Karen Tems 

I feel re-energised and enthusiastic at the end of each session, eager to apply what we have discussed.  I would strongly recommend anyone to use Bernadette as their coach as her support and insights have been, and continue to be, invaluable to me.  

Charlotte Gallagher  

My journey with Bernadette has changed my life forever. Bernadette was able to identify very quickly the patterns of behaviour which have been keeping me stuck. She has been guiding me gently yet firmly to keep focus on my dream and teaching me tools for permanent change. New ways of thinking and results are already showing up in my life.  

Tracey Williams  

Bernadette gave me many helpful tips and strategies which had an immediate impact to help me organise myself approaching one day at a time and deal with the tasks of running a business. She helped me recognise the importance of delegation so that I retain the tasks I love and do best and no one else can. 

Shelley Fischel 

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